Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tutu Diaper Cake

Been out of the game a little while, I know. I've been working and spending every extra moment with my two boys. Today I'm sharing a tutu diaper cake that I recently made for a dear friend's baby shower. I love how it turned out.

I started out with a simple 3 tier cake in an orange and pink color theme. Instead of rolling them I kinda fanned them out. I liked that look better. 

Here's a closer look:

I just held each layer together with a rubber band. I would've gotten pictures of this, but I was home alone, and holding it all together plus taking pictures would not have worked.

On each layer, I covered the rubber bands with cute reversible orange and pink polka dot ribbon. I did two tiers one way, and reversed the ribbon for the other tier.

I also made a matching tutu for baby girl to I decided to put it on the cake as well. It wouldn't fit all the way around the bottom, so I put it on the bottom of the middle tier...


So, to fill in the gap, I added a rolled up outfit.

Then, I added all the accessories.

Some rolled up headbands on the top.

Made a butterfly and flower clip for top, and cut out "baby girl" in matching glitter paper in the mommy-to-be's favorite font. 

I also added some tissue paper in between the top two tiers.

I absolutely love how it turned out, AND baby girl can wear everything on the cake. =)

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