Thursday, January 13, 2011

Purse Brag Books

This is an old project that I did for Mother's Day last year for my mom, mothers-in-law, and grandmothers-in-law. They LOVED them. I found this idea at Brown Paper Packages just in time for Mother's Day. It's basically self-explanatory, but I can tell you how I did mine. I also added more blank pages for the grandmas because they each have a lot of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

These are the supplies I used:

- Badge holders (these were about 2 1/2" x 3 1/4"...found at Walmart)
- Silver rings that open, keychain rings, etc.
- Distress Ink
- Coordinating scrapbook papers and ribbons
- Any embellishments, if desired
- Straight cutter, not needed but really helped

Oh, and this little guy helps with distressing...just a little cheapo dauber. I'm sure you could use a makeup sponge, too.

So, what you do is cut 2 pieces of the scrapbook paper to fit the front and back cover. Then just decorate or embellish how you want. What I did was cut two of the same pattern for the front and back for each book, doing a different patterns for each lady. Then, I did a strip of a coordinating pattern. I then added a little piece with their first initial stamped or printed on it. If distressing, distress EVERY piece of paper.

How did I do the little "frames" you ask? Well, that would be a stamp that I found in the dollar section at Michael's, and it was PERFECT for this little project. 

Also, on the back cover, I added a little piece of cardstock with a little note with who it was from and what day it was given. 

Here are the finished books. I did one with the ring and a few different ribbons, and the others I just tied with a simple knot and bow. I liked both. 

They were wrapped in a piece of tulle with a tulle bow. Simple and cute. The ladies LOVED them. Who doesn't love personalized gifts??

After I did these for Mother's Day, I saw that Kierste from Brown Paper Packages did something else with these badge holders that was similar. She did quiet books for her lil ones, and she also listed some other ideas. 


  1. I seriously need to find me some badge holders. I LOVE this.

  2. Thank you! They were so easy to make, and were a big hit. I even carry one with me!

  3. Oh, and I found the badge holders at Walmart for just a couple bucks. =)

  4. These are just lovely, the boys nana's would love these! Thanks for sharing