Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Pictures


Sorry for that little hiatus. I decided to take a little break to enjoy this beautiful weather with my lil man. It's been nice, and I wanted to take advantage of it.

I know it is a week past Valentine's day, but I just remembered that I didn't share these cute pictures. This is a really cute idea for Valentine cards. My mom sent me this link as an idea because she knows I love to take tons of pictures of my lil man. 

I have only so many "backgrounds" to work with in my home because we have a small home. So, I just used a white bed sheet that I keep just for photos. My mom cut out the cute hearts on her Cricut for me. And, I let lil man go to town with some candy. 

Here are some of my fave shots:

Ok, maybe more than a few....

Oh, and that mean look, that's lil man's I'm-trying-to-be-mad-at-you look. Still cute. 

Hope y'all enjoyed this lil post of pictures!!


  1. He's such a good sport! I'm your newest follower from TGC Blog Hop.

  2. Totally love the pics your hubby did! I'll have to remember that as a fun "trick" next time I'm in need of something creative in my photos...

    Stopping by via the Crative Girls Blog Hop. : )

  3. He is a cutie pie! These pics are too darn cute & the simplicity of the background is adorable. :)